Motorcycle Tours

Being aware what to pack it for any motorcycle tour at times may be fairly difficult. These guidelines can help you prevent the pitfalls.


Before you do just about anything you should build a list of products you think you may want and edit that list as you go. Hopefully this should help you remember everything, such as the stress, should you forget something small, it's possible you'll have the ability to get it while you are away.


It is common to bring along your bike to get a vacation and when you get back you understand you didn't wear half the garments you packed. The goal is to ensure that it stays to a minimum; every extra item you pack enhances the weight and affects handling.

In case you are touring by yourselves it is extremely simple, take only things you need! Remember, you will end up inside your bike gear a lot of the day and spend limited time in casuals at night. Based on the period of your holiday that can be done some washing halfway.

If you are joining an organised tour, worthwhile motorcycle tour company should be providing a support vehicle to transport your luggage, this solves everything, but be kind for the guide and take one luggage case each, as well as your bike gear, not two or three cases each.


In case you are all on your own bike you should know what works best on your own bike, but generally hard panniers along with a top box are the strategy to use, it is possible to clip them from the bike plus to your room helping to make things super easy.

If hiring a motorcycle you can ask for the capacity with the luggage cases so you know roughly just how much space there is certainly, you may also pack your clothes into small bags which will slip directly into your luggage cases.

Magnetic tank bags are a great idea and will hold things you want to get to quickly, such as your camera, money, water proofs etc, if employing a bike and you're taking your personal tank bag together with you the large question for you is to ask when the bike has a metal tank, many bikes just like the BMWs are now plastic.


Maintain your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes with plastic bags, this way it makes less complicated to differentiate and keeps your clean stuff from becoming smelly. They could also be handy for storing dirty shoes, wet clothes and of course any rubbish you need to store before next rubbish bin.


These are the basic items you may forget and never be capable of buy abroad, if you're having a camera, cell phone, Intercoms etc you'll need the charger for each. It's also best if you pack these products in separate bags, like zip lock bags as well as, zip lock school pencil cases. Once or twice I am caught in rain but got something electronic wet, and don't pack things like a bottle of water in the top box together with your camera! Or the camera could soon be floating around happily while you take pleasure in the amazing bends on the highway.


On a guided motorcycle tour a primary aid kit together with trained guides should be available, but when traveling alone you might need a small first aid kit, make sure to pack extra items for example insect repellent, bite cream, headache and antihistamine tablets.

In case you are going to remote places you should buy, or rent a Spot device or similar, these are simple GPS units that send an indication to some satellite showing where you are every hour, there is an emergency button which sends a signal to emergency services if required, or send a pre-loaded message to a nominated cell phone number. A non-essential but fun feature about this can be you can provide a website link to relatives and buddies plus they can easily see where you are in the world.

Tool resource, something that has all of the essential items for the particular bike, most rental companies should have this available but don't, so make sure you request a tool kit. Roadside guidance is also a great little gem to become offered with accommodations


Passport, Drivers licence, Travel Insurance, Feeling of adventure

Don't forget to build your trip list.

Motorcycle Tours

Happy riding everyone.

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